MAA blast from the past: BBH’s ‘Resignation’ for Polaroid

Rewind to 1996 and BBH’s ‘Resignation’ film for Polaroid’s ‘Live for the moment’ campaign. Showing an escape from the perils of corporate life (which BBH may have become rather more aware of since Publicis Groupe bought it.) Directed by Michel Gondry.

Pretty well perfect and a timely reminder of how good BBH used to be in the Hegarty era (and still is, given half a chance.)

Long before BBH was invented Polaroid was one of many advertisers (fags, booze) that use to hire superstars for its campaigns in Japan, safe in the knowledge that in a pre-global, pre-YouTube era no-one anywhere else would see them. A good way of topping up the bank balance.

Here’s Laurence Olivier for Polaroid (intrigued by, Sir Larry was once married to Vivien Leigh of Gone With The Wind fame.)

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