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George Parker: where’s Luther when you need him?

No, I’m not going all religious on you; it’s just that as we are approaching 2017, which is the five hundredth anniversary of when Martin Luther nailed his creative brief on the door of the Big Dumb Holding Company at ...

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Adscam’s George Parker: best (and worst) ads of 2016

In his wisdom, Stephen has asked for my opinion on the great ads of 2016. I suspect that as he knows I have never failed to modestly represent myself as MAA’s Curmudgeon in Chief, so I would not expected to ...

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George Parker: here’s the key to ‘Generation Creation’

A perspicacious Pot Pouri! To paraphrase my old school mate, Winston Churchill, “Generation Creation” is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Now do not get me wrong here. It is a splendid book, but unlike many of ...

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George Parker: concluding McVitie’s’ Caribbean quest

George Parker concludes his tale of the world’s most expensive commercials shoot (parts one and two here and here). Our heroes find their plane at the bottom of a Caribbean bay while the agency producer frets in London and McVitie’s ...

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George Parker: McVitie’s goes global, the world’s most expensive shoot and me

Reading that McVitie’s is looking for a new global agency brought back memories of my tenure as Dorland’s “Agency Fireman” back before most of you were born. The agency’s most profitable account, McVitie’s, was about to exit, taking all those ...

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