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Facebook pledges to clean up network – again

Here’s Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg outlining nine things the social network is going to do to prevent nasties invading its space: specifically some 3,000 Russia-originated anti-Clinton election ads it’s magnanimously agreed to share with the US Congress, which is investigating election ...

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Facebook gets another splattering over anti-Jewish content

Every week seems to bring a new disaster for Facebook – not one that seems to affect its money-hoovering activities mind – and now it’s the discovery by ProPublica that you can target the news feeds of over 2,000 people ...

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Welcome to the era of six-second video ads

YouTube, Facebook and Fox (among others) have decided that what we need are more six-second video ads. Why six seconds? It’s longer than five but shorter than seven..dunno. Of course all three want more ad dollars. Any other benefits? The ...

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IPA calls on YouTube and Google to mend their ad ways

The UK’s IPA agency trade body has formally called on Google-owned YouTube and Facebook to work with the IPA and ISBA (the advertiser equivalent) to bring the safety, measurement and viewabillity of their online video up to acceptable industry standards. ...

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