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EU hammers Meta for anti-privacy tracking operations

The wheels are coming off the one-time Meta juggernaut with a vengeance. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) is (reluctantly) fining the Facebook and Instagram owner €390m for targeting users with personalised ads.

Apparently these, the foundation of Meta’s $98bn ad business, break EU law and Ireland, where Meta is supposedly domiciled, has been forced to act by EU regulators. The fine is divided between Facebook and Instagram.

The DPC, is seeking a court ruling against a further EU demand that it investigate all of Facebook and Instagram’s data processing operations, one which might persuade Meta to pack its bags.

Facebook says it will appeal against the ruling which it calls “incorrect,” surprisingly mild language which may indicate that it is seeking a compromise deal. But it’s a big blow for Meta and one that has implications for the all the sneaky internet tracking operations and their media agency supporters.

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