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David Buenos Aires enlists some criminal help to help HSBC tackle identity fraud

HSBC, the bank described as “too big to jail” over money-laundering allegations in Mexico, doesn’t avoid potential controversy in its marketing either and it’s back with a cracker from David Buenos Aires. ‘Dear customer’ is about the perils of identity ...

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Ex-David duo launch fast-expanding GUT in Brazil

Here’s an interesting agency newbie, GUT (we usually frown on capped-up agencies but maybe they deserve it) is opening in São Paulo, its third office opening in a year after Miami and Buenos Aires. GUT was formed by David co-founders ...

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Burger King bats for embattled redheads in Argentina

Burger King – which says it still believes in agencies rather than bespoke teams, good for them – is riding to the rescue of redheads in Argentina. Why? They’re deemed to be bad luck, prompting men who see them to ...

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