Coca-Cola spills over into feelgood campaign from OpenX’s David Miami

WPP’s relationship with Coca-Cola via bespoke agency OpenX seems one of the brighter spots on its horizon (one hesitates to say this about agency/client relationships for obvious reasons), partly because it allows talent from the holding company’s smaller agencies to get a look in on a big account.

David Miami is in the chair for ‘Spills,’ based on, Coke says, “those joyous moments people forget all about their drink, spilling it as they embrace a loved one.”

Here goes then.

Coke’s Islam ElDessouky says: “Spills showcases the magical moments of embrace when time can feel like it’s stops for a second, the drink is unknowingly tossed to one side, and nothing else matters beyond the embrace. The campaign is the embodiment of our ‘Real Magic’ ethos at Coca-Cola, celebrating the unexpected but heart-warming moments of human connection.”

David CCO Edgard Gianesi says: “We aimed to capture what Coca-Cola truly represents: not just a drink, but the moments of connection it brings. In our ‘Spills’ campaign, we celebrate those moments when the joy of being with loved ones is so overwhelming that even a spilled Coca-Cola becomes a cherished memory. Every drop is worth the moment.”

A pretty solid effort on what, at first sight, seems a somewhat flimsy structure. Some good ads around at the moment and this is another one.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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