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Is BT winning the UK pay-TV sports battle?

One-time British monopoly phone provider BT (British Telecom as was) took a huge gamble a couple of years ago by entering the pay-TV sports market, taking on BSkyB which had enjoyed a virtual monopoly having seen off smaller rivals such ...

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Can new manager David Moyes nurture the £3bn Manchester United ‘brand’

We put brand in inverted commas because brands and their valuation in football are even more difficult to compute than in other areas of business – and, indeed, sport. Manchester United turns over about £350m and makes an operating profit ...

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McCann unveils Champion ad for Mastercard

Thought Mastercard and McCann had taken leave of their senses when I first saw this; but it’s not an ad just 12 different idents for Mastecard’s sponsorship of the Champion’s League. Here’s the ad and it’s a pretty good ‘use ...

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