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New Oliver survey: does this mean brands might just as well shut up?

In-house agency specialist Oliver Group has been asking 1,000 UK consumers what they feel about the world’s biggest brands brands and the answer (mostly) is: they don’t give a toss. Actually the most frequently chosen emotion (if such it be) ...

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Neil Christie of W+K London: what Scottish independence could mean for brands

Clearly there are more important issues than marketing to consider when thinking about Scottish independence, but being up in Scotland on business in the days before the referendum led me to think about what a yes vote for independence might ...

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Why brand communications need to give something extra to consumers, not simply sell the product

Nick Dudley-Williams, group marketing director at Cubo explains how brands should communicate with apathetic consumers by offering something new and relevant to their lives. Many of us will be aware of the Yankelovich statistics on brand communications. They show that ...

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