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Why brand communications need to give something extra to consumers, not simply sell the product

Nick Dudley-Williams, group marketing director at Cubo explains how brands should communicate with apathetic consumers by offering something new and relevant to their lives. Many of us will be aware of the Yankelovich statistics on brand communications. They show that ...

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It’s not what you put into a (digital) communication that matters, it’s what you get out – as Apple knows

Recently I’ve self-diagnosed Jones’ Syndrome – as in ‘keeping up with the J…’. It’s based on my anxiety about becoming an old fart due to my broad lack of interest in the finer detail of the digital world. I’ve heard ...

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UK PM David Cameron goes in for some Borg-style brand-bashing at Davos

If it weren’t for the fact David Cameron (left) watches so little television, I would be forced to conclude he has been modelling his recent behaviour on Borg, the Viking Himbo now fronting Tesco’s advertising. How else to explain his ...

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