Microsoft dominates global B2B brands

New analysis by Brand Finance reveals that the world’s top 100 B2B brands account for $D2 trillion in brand value. Yet almost $D1 trillion of business value remains untapped by B2B brands, who lag behind B2C brands in terms of brand contribution to business value. The report and key findings were unveiled by Brand Finance with IAA (International Advertising Association) and B2B agency Stein IAS.

Microsoft has the highest B2B brand value of any brand globally at $137.5 billion, 72% of Microsoft’s total brand value of $191.6 billion. Microsoft dominates the Brand Finance Global Most Valuable B2B Brands 2023 Index with a B2B brand value almost double that of the next highest ranked brand, Amazon (B2B brand value of $70.6 billion).

The $2 trillion in brand value of the top 100 B2B brands accounts for 12% of the $17 trillion in their total business value. This compares unfavourably with B2C brands, where B2C brand values of $2.8 trillion account for 17% of their $16 trillion business value.

Closing this gap would be worth an additional $0.9 trillion in brand value to B2B enterprises. Research finds that the returns of highly branded organisations (i.e. companies with a high brand value to business value ratio) outperform the S&P 500. This indicates an opportunity for brand-led growth to drive additional value to B2B businesses by closing the gap on their B2C peers.

Brand Finance chairman David Haigh says: “We are living in the Golden Age for B2B brands, where status and value are amplified by technology and scientific breakthroughs. This era is characterised by the potency and agility of omni-channel, data-led, marketing campaigns in driving rapid growth in the B2B market.
Digitalisation and digital scale-ups are dominating the landscape, taking advantage of the ever-expanding possibilities of technology, and driving better customer experiences. These experiences are forcing rapid adoption of updated technology across categories. Best practices are traveling fast and enhancing value.”

IAA UK executive director Kirsty Giordani says: “As well as providing an insightful overview of the world’s top B2B brands, this report provides robust evidence to demonstrate the enormous potential that exists in B2B marketing. This is a dynamically growing sector, and we’re thrilled that B2B has rightfully earned its place in the spotlight, gaining momentum as a creative, emotional, and brand-led channel. We are delighted to be able to share these important new findings with our members.”

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