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Asda’s 20-second revival with AMV BBDO gears up for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up soon (I’ve been forgetting it for decades – not sure exactly when) and here’s a lively effort from AMV BBDO for Asda. Part of a ‘Don’t Compromise’ campaign which shows promise. Asda, now owned by ...

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Asda’s timing goes awry with Christmas feel-good effort

You do wonder if the management of big companies ever communicate with each other. Asda launched its glittery new Christmas ad from AMV BBDO on Saturday, at exactly the time thousands of workers faced the chop if they didn’t sign ...

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Time for Sainsbury’s to up its game as CMA blocks giant merger with Asda

To nobody’s great surprise the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has blocked the attempted £7bn merger of Sainsbury’s and Walmart-owned Asda, saying: “It’s our responsibility to protect the millions of people who shop at Sainsbury’s and Asda every week. ...

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AMV BBDO’s Asda Christmas debut is somewhat snowed in

More Christmas stuff, this time AMV BBDO’s first effort for new client Asda, a veritable snowy wonderland. Read this morning that the end of November in the UK will see us buried in snow so we might all be fed ...

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AMV is back in the supermarket premier league with Asda

That didn’t take them long. Two years after losing longstanding supermarket client Sainsbury’s to Wieden+Kennedy AMV BBDO has bounced back, winning Walmart-owned Asda in the UK from Saatchi & Saatchi. Asda chief customer officer Andy Murray says: “We are delighted ...

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