Asda’s ‘pocket tap’ revival ad lands on its bottom

The Uk’s Asda – which owner Walmart is trying to spruce up for a partial sale or flotation – is taking discounters Aldi and Lidll (and Tesco) full on by bringing back its “pocket tap” price campaign, harking back to the days when Alan leighton and Archie Norman were running the show.

It says it’s spending £100m on price reductions.

So it’s enlisted a real-life Asda family headed by one Sunny to do the business in this new effort from AMB BBDO.

Asda chief customer officer Anna-Maree Shaw says: “We are so excited to be bringing Asda Price and the pocket tap back, but with a more modern look and feel. Sunny is a real family man – a fun-loving savvy shopper that is always on the hunt for a bargain, like so many of our customers. It was so much fun filming with him and his gorgeous family – and we hope our customers love them as much as we do!”

AMV’s previous ‘Don’t compromise’ campaign for Asda showed promise but this is straight from the “what kind of advertising would you like Sir?” box. With a somewhat optimistic “commercial within a commercial” twist.

It’s just awful. AMV founder David Abbott would be turning in his grave if he saw this.

MAA creative scale: 2 (it could conceivably persuade some people in this Ant and Dec world.)


  1. I strongly agree with the majority. There’s a new one now with the Asda app, a cheap looking production and it’s just as bad. You still can’t tell what he’s saying and I’m sure one of his eyes is going to the shop (maybe tesco), which throws me.

  2. If this ad is supposedly “up to date” then where are their masks. Afterall it was only days ago Asda were claiming to further enforce the wearing of face coverings. Terrible. unprofessional ad but Asda have got what they wanted – us all discussing it LOL.

  3. No choice must go to Asda.Even if it’s only for some milk.Having that scan and go app,means you basically work for Asda.They have you,hook line and sinker.It makes things so easy though.LOL.Do not ever use braincells.Just be a consuming robot.

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