Asda’s ‘pocket tap’ revival ad lands on its bottom

The Uk’s Asda – which owner Walmart is trying to spruce up for a partial sale or flotation – is taking discounters Aldi and Lidll (and Tesco) full on by bringing back its “pocket tap” price campaign, harking back to the days when Alan leighton and Archie Norman were running the show.

It says it’s spending £100m on price reductions.

So it’s enlisted a real-life Asda family headed by one Sunny to do the business in this new effort from AMB BBDO.

Asda chief customer officer Anna-Maree Shaw says: “We are so excited to be bringing Asda Price and the pocket tap back, but with a more modern look and feel. Sunny is a real family man – a fun-loving savvy shopper that is always on the hunt for a bargain, like so many of our customers. It was so much fun filming with him and his gorgeous family – and we hope our customers love them as much as we do!”

AMV’s previous ‘Don’t compromise’ campaign for Asda showed promise but this is straight from the “what kind of advertising would you like Sir?” box. With a somewhat optimistic “commercial within a commercial” twist.

It’s just awful. AMV founder David Abbott would be turning in his grave if he saw this.

MAA creative scale: 2 (it could conceivably persuade some people in this Ant and Dec world.)


  1. What utter rubbish.

    Your dated observations on this ad, show that you’re a dinosaur.

    It’s feel good, family-orientated and fun.

    We love it.

    Lucy, x

  2. How this advert got made is amazing, if the premise is the family is making the advert …
    Why not genuinely self film it ? Starts off looking handheld self filmed … rapidly changes to wide angles, then
    Some kind of rig following in front of a bike .. and to top it off some bizarre inaudible pocket tap multi screen madness!
    Why not self film it , use a go pro, use a selfie stick …
    this advert is beyond rubbish

  3. It’s beyond awful, amateurish and irritating. There’s nothing about it that inspires shopping in Asda. Look to the Lidl ads to see what a supermarket ad should be like.

  4. Lucy,

    Not sure what planet you’re on, but its hands down the worst advert ever. Clearly no account management, scared of the client and giving them what they want. It’s appalling! AMV is a good agency, this work is so bad its cringeworthy, badly directed and cast and is completely embarrassing.

  5. Naff, irritating and seriously damaging to the brand. How on earth such a poor campaign was signed off by marketing executive is beyond me. Someone senior at ASDA needs to be asking some serious questions here.

  6. Asda says it’s spending £100m on price reductions.
    Explains the advert then as there was nothing left in the budget.
    Wokey, obviously Lucy IS a part of the Ant & Dec world.

  7. It’s so annoying the ad with what they call a real life family LOL
    I don’t even understand what he says and it so so cheesy I want to turn it off.
    The thumbs up at the end just makes me want to crawl in a hole

  8. Possibly one of the most annoying adverts i can remember. Can’t even understand what the guy is saying half of the time. Easily the most annoying advert on TV at the minute

  9. this advert is so embarrassing…if i worked at asda, i would hide my face is shame. Take a look at the new sainsbury advert or anything from M&S……they make me want to shop there…Asda’s ad make me want to run a mile..and the pocket tap at the end, four times….really????

  10. This ad has to be up there with gocompare who constantly flog a dead horse with the singing tenor as the worst ads for many years

  11. I have not seen a worse advert. The “Dad” is clearly not an actor and is trying to look goofy but fails abysmally. The voice is poor. A wasted opportunity. I turn off the channel every time I see the advert starting. Not interested in what Asda wants to offer anymore even if there is a follow-up message.

  12. It’s a terrible advert. The guy’s diction is awful, it took me several viewings to work out what he was saying, and I still have no idea what he says at the end of the bizarre pocket tap segment – which is how I ended up on here after some googling to try and find out. And I’m still none the wiser.

  13. Honestly I have no bias towards Asda and have no expertise in anything . I just cannot understand what the guy is saying in this ad and I have watched it 4 times.

    The people making this ad probably had good intentions but the advert is terrible in my opinion and I shop at Asda.

    Also last time I checked freedom of speech was upheld in this country so I do not think the personal insults to Mr Foster here are warranted . I do not know him but I am in agreement with his opinion on this advert.

  14. Rob – exactly my thoughts. I started Googling what on earth he was saying and am still none the wiser! Is it “pocket tap, pocket tap, pocket tap, pocket tap 4 times”???

  15. This advert is great. Nice not to see over paid actors in it
    And obviously his wife is helping with filming
    Well done Sunny and family

  16. One word…… absolutely diabolical, take it off the air, I cant stand this advert, I literally switch channels just to miss it now, Really ASDA your taste has hit the pits

  17. I thought the main guy was a simpleton. It’s unintelligible on almost every level – and the thumbs up… give me strength

  18. Good god. I cannot watch this appalling advert anymore, it’s a ‘quick reach for the remote’ moment as soon as it appears! What overpaid advertising moron thought this shambles would work! The dad in it…actually sounds like he has special needs, somebody had to say it! Incomprehensible mumbling, the whole thing is just utter cringe. ASDA, you totally failed. Please take it off air!

  19. I think he has special needs and Asda are doing their bit to be all inclusive. I have no idea what he is saying.

  20. The ‘mumbling moron’ is not going to encourage anyone to shop at Asda. It’s cringeworthy.

  21. wha?? incoherent, but not Sunny’s fault. May have more meaning if he actually went inside the store? Also, wife? Wendy, you have an active imagination, which may explain the positive outlook? if this is meant to generate a business ready for selling itll be a buyers market.

  22. Probably the worst advert I have ever watched. It’s got so bad that I change channel, which is a disaster for the station trying to get people to watch their programs. I have to ask, what on Earth do they say at the end. It makes no sense and now just makes me feel angry that I have lost another 30 seconds of my life. Dire.

  23. This ad is just awful. There must of been 100’s of families they could of picked from from all different backgrounds that would have done 100 times better. The guy cant even say Asda right he says Hasda! Whats that all about? The only thing this ad does is that it makes me want to stay away from Asda and Not spend my hard earned money there. When this ad comes on the mute button gets hit hard!

  24. What wife lol not watched enough notice her hate it thank god for tivo pause and fast forward when it comes on

  25. The awful thing is he is actually an actor, Sunny is played by Muzz Khan.
    Can’t stand the advert it’s incredibly cringe worthy and like others I find it hard to understand what he’s saying.

  26. is an amateurish awful advert. Outdated and out done! Drop it..lower your prices and save money. Terrible ad that annoys the hell out of me

  27. Get rid of this advert! I swap channels its that annoying. It’s just so dreadful it makes my jaw drop like wtf who let that advertise Asda!

  28. Wendy Vaughan…. ‘Sunny’ is played by an actor/commedian Muzz Khan , though I do believe they are his real wife and kids. Absolutely horrible ad but cute kids

  29. I love this advert. Its different, which in itself is not a marker of greatness but it stands out. Surely the essence of an advert is to stand out amongst the crowd. The fact I have been compelled to join in this debate shows that it also generates discussion.

    If you look at the expensively shot, self pretentious adverts put out by M&S there awful. They exude we are better than you and exclude most of the population.

    Asda hits straight down the middle, non offensive to all and certainly not self pretentious.

    Im not in the advertising game and this is my honest view as purely a shopper and viewer.

  30. A total shocker. Amateurish, inaudible ( does anyone actually buy into this?) Makes my teeth grind and has surpassed itself in topping the ‘Money Supermarket’ advert as being the worse, most annoying ad on TV right now. Insulting to people’s intelligence and can’t believe a professional creative ad agency were involved in the making of this.

  31. The most annoying advert ever – currently driving me nuts on the radio as I work from home. Amateur, puerile, and just plain annoying! Will make me avoid Asda like the plague. I, by the way, do not work in advertising – just Googled “Asda Sunny Annoying” to see if it was just me (clearly not) and it brought me straight here!

  32. Wish I could silence him whilst in the Asda store. Belting out over the tanoy. Pocket tap. Pocket tap. Advert makes me want to throw something at the screen. Never have I found an advert as irritating!! I mean honestly. The man is an mumbling idiot. I don’t know if this is how Asda asked or the company behind creation requested it but as someone who makes adverts. I would have fired anyone who produced probably the worst interview on TV.

    Asda need to work with a better company and have a word with thier marketing dept. Makes me wonder if an ex colleague assisted as her ideas where as mundane as this.

  33. I hate this ad! Someone said he looks like Ed milliband, true! Can’t say I’ve seen a bloke worrying about saving money at a supermarket or anywhere, they just buy it whatever the price. He should have a trackie suit and baseball cap on to be in keeping with some of their shoppers, and also some tats?

    It looks like it cost about £100 to make? At least they are not spending too much on advertising.

  34. This advert is the definition of cringe. Not only is it genuinely hard to work out what he is saying but the fake ‘goofiness’, the accent, the annoying kid’s face close up and the thumbs up to top it all off make me want to claw my own eyes out and eat them. C-19 must have added the brains at whoever at Asda signed off on this and whoever at the ad agency dared present it to them!

  35. Please pleas please get this Asda advert off I turn the TV over when it comes on , it makes me not want to go to ASDA what a big mistake it is !!!!!!!

  36. Truly dreadful advert. His voice is so droning and flat, he sounds like he can’t breathe through his nose. And the catchphrase sounds like ‘bocket dap dibe’.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. So damaging to the brand. It actively makes me not want to shop as Asda in case I run into him.

    I genuinely turn the tv to mute when this ad comes on. The quicker they get rid of this campaign the better.

  37. Hate! Hate! Hate! This advert, every time it comes on I flick channels… They have made great ads in the past, whoever ok’d this one needs shooting!

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