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Burger King bats for embattled redheads in Argentina

Burger King – which says it still believes in agencies rather than bespoke teams, good for them – is riding to the rescue of redheads in Argentina. Why? They’re deemed to be bad luck, prompting men who see them to ...

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Burnett scores with naff number plates for Car One

Buenos Aires must be the jokes capital of world adland (Del Campo Saatchi, Ponce), rather belying the reputation of Argentines for taking themselves a touch seriously. Here’s an effort for Argentine used car dealer Car One, promoting a competition involving ...

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Argentina riles UK Olympic hosts with undercover Falklands commercial

This is a first, an undercover commercial made as an instrument of foreign policy. Made by the Argentine government, it shows hockey player Fernando Zylberberg training for the forthcoming London Olympics by going for an early morning run in Port ...

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