Trump pays off for that shower at Paddy Power

No idea what Paddy Power is offering on Labour to win the General Election (1000-1?) but it’s offering 2-1 on embattled Donald Trump being impeached. Being impeached is becoming par for the course for US Presidents these days and doesn’t ...

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Mackenzie overboard as Murdoch vessel heads unsteadily towards Sky

Will anyone miss Kelvin Mackenzie? The long-serving Rupert Murdoch ally (below) has had his post as Sun columnist terminated “by mutual consent” following his comparison of Everton’s Ross Barkley to a gorilla. News UK has also sold its shareholding in ...

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Krow delivers a Labour swipe at not-for-turning Theresa May

Here’s a nifty little social media ad from Krow for the Labour Party. Theresa May does indeed make Mrs Thatcher look like Mother Theresa. Hang on, she was a control freak too. M&C Saatchi has the winning hand with the ...

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Another win for the Trumps as Mail apologises to Melania

Celebrity couple and reality stars the Trumps (White House version) have chalked up another win hard on the heels of Donald unloading cruise missiles on a Syrian airbase (having warned the Russians beforehand). Now First Lady Melania has wrung an ...

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