McCann loses mega-client who didn’t believe it was a contractor – or has it?

The Us Army dumped McCann Worldgroup from its shortlist for a new agency for technical reasons, according to Ad Age. These included the formatting of unspecified documents and an inability to confirm McCann’s status as a certified contractor, despite the ...

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Amnesty’s Air offers lessons for Trump and Ertogan

Brussels agency Air is drumming up business for Amnesty’s Summer University, the biggest assembly of human rights activists in Belgium. So it’s produced a print and online campaign showing two (unlikely) attendees. You know this one. This is Turkey’s President ...

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Corbyn shows the so-called experts how to communicate

Amazing isn’t it how you can overturn PR perceptions. Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, derided as a left wing loony and worse by the likes of the Sun and the Mail (the Mail, as I recall, said Theresa May would win by ...

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Bjorn Borg ad enters Mexico wall controversy

What would we do without Donald Trump? They haven’t built his wall between the US and Mexico yet – they probably never will – but border security appears to have been tightened somewhat alarmingly which has prompted Bjorn Borg (remember ...

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HSBC and We Are Social line up behind Pride

It’s London’s LGBT+ Pride weekend and companies of all hues are lining up in support. The argument about this is “authenticity,” do they really believe in changing attitudes or are they just lining up like camp followers. Giant bank HSBC ...

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Richard Southon of Communicator: how marketers can connect in a technological era

Big data, SEO, bricks and clicks, cloud computing, ransomware, segmentation, automation and peer to peer communication – in a tech dominated brave new world, marketers can easily feel totally adrift on an ever-expanding ocean of possibilities and pitfalls. Add in ...

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