Is the ASA’s bid to clean up ads the death knell for humour?

The UK’s ASA seems to have put the cat among the pigeons with its somewhat prescriptive plan to ban “gender stereotyping” ads, with lots of people saying its too bossy boots/Big Brother (the book that is). Here’s a compilation of ...

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UM’s Adam Morton: data vs. creativity isn’t zero-sum

Based on a number of industry events, I find it surprising that arguments still rage around data vs creativity or technology vs humanity. It’s not a zero-sum game. Data, analysis and modelling have become integral parts of advertising – and ...

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Tom Denford and David Indo from ID Comms: are awards a waste of time and money?

In this week’s #MediaSnack, Tom and David discuss the issue of awards, and more particularly, the challenges of creating media awards that advertisers really care about. The topic has been triggered by conversations in Cannes, where Publicis announced that it ...

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Richard Southon of Communicator: how marketers can connect in a technological era

Big data, SEO, bricks and clicks, cloud computing, ransomware, segmentation, automation and peer to peer communication – in a tech dominated brave new world, marketers can easily feel totally adrift on an ever-expanding ocean of possibilities and pitfalls. Add in ...

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Clickon’s Benjamin Potter: five winning Wimbledon ads

More tennis, Clickon Media founder and creative director Benjamin Potter (below) chooses five of the most influential Wimbledon inspired campaigns. “On Wimbledon’s 140th anniversary, it’s great to see such a wide variety of different advertising campaigns across the 90 years ...

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