Lidl takes a swipe at Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot in Christmas ad

Lidl makes fun of tear-jerking festive ads that “make you feel sad” using “emotional gravy” and instead offers us a “Christmas you can believe in.” As a fork stabs into a roasted carrot resembling Aldi’s Kevin, the song goes, “We ...

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Neuro-Insight: this year’s Xmas ads story – separate but together with a dash of optimism

By Shazia Ginai With the possibility of big family gatherings being off limits this December, brands have already started dropping their Christmas adverts like snowflakes to spread some festive spirits and mood to locked down Britain. However this context comes ...

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Burberry is singin’ in the rain and flying through the streets

This year has been such am emotional rollercoaster, do we really need Christmas ads to tug on our weary heartstrings? Burberry leaves well alone with this fearless, joyful dance routine directed by MegaForce, of Nike’s “Nothing beats a Londoner” fame, ...

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