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Hey Jude rescues a million marketing initiatives (and the UK pub trade)

Anyone who thinks football is just a game these days has been asleep. It’s the recurring centrepiece of a million marketing initiatives, a driver of ad revenues for the likes of ITV and the (hoped for) salvation for Britain’s struggling pub trade as they try to lure in thirsty (desperate) England supporters.

Another dismal “let’s pass it backwards” performance from England in what looked like a certain exit from the Euros in the first knockout round was rescued by Real Madrid wonderkid Jude Bellingham with an improbable overhead kick. Slovakia weren’t the ones who were completely amazed.

If he’d missed the UK economy would probably have tipped back into recession. As for manager Gareth Southgate…ITV boss Carolyn McCall will probably be watching the next round from behind the sofa.

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