Leo Burnett debuts with retro effort for

New campaign needs to challenge MoneySupermarket's SuperSaveClub was one of the big UK agency pitches of last year with Leo Burnett, enjoying a rich vein of form, beating adam&eveDDB in the play-off.

Leo makes its debut with ‘Just Used Confused,’ showing a bunch of happy users whistling cheerily away, despite their hazardous circumstances.

It’s actually for car insurance (which has risen alarmingly in price) although there aren’t any motors here.

Arguably the best performer in the price comparison stakes recently has been New Commercial Arts’ MoneySupermarket, with Judi Dench and her Super Seven helping furiously with the cost of living crisis. MoneySuperMarket now has 300,000 members in its SuperSaveClub (hard to buy anything these days without joining some bloody club or other.) Here’s a new one featuring a night at the opera.’s previous work through Accenture Song was, well, confusing. Nice films but the name hardly helped. Leo has at least taken the bull by the horns in what’s quite a retro effort. Will it get us all whistling? MoneySupermarket has become quite a juggernaut and it juggers on.

MAA creative scale (both): 6.5.

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