Director Gehrig turns on the charm for Apple ‘Star Wars’ spot

There’s even a Star Wars Day these days (it was last Saturday) when Star Wars fans congregate in their thousands (millions?), some in full regalia.

So it’s pretty difficult to ‘find your friends,’ as memorably realised here by ace director Kim Gehrig amidst an impeccable production. What you need is iPhone 15’s Precision Finding, of course.

Apple creative supremo Tor Myhren says: “The biggest thing was that we approached this film as a love letter to Star Wars fans. We made it with and for them. Kim is a genius director. She brings so much to every shoot and above all she brings a levity and charm that is often missing in big, cinematic spots like this.”

Quite, it was probably the brief from hell.

You get a 9 (or more) if the work’s as good as it possibly could be, brief notwithstanding.

Best from Apple for a while.

MAA creative scale: 9.25.

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