Reckitt’s Vanish and Havas explore surprising significance of clothes for autism

Some brands are still trying to “do good” although Reckitt stain remover Vanish and autism might seem a bit of a stretch.

However Vanish and charity Ambitious About Autism says they’ve found 70% of autistic people think their lives would improve if people understood why clothes are so important to them.

The More Than Just Clothes Pledge is designed to help autistic people with their clothing needs. By Havas.

Vanish marketing director Elise Cockley says: “The project aims to highlight the importance of clothes in the daily lives of autistic teens by showcasing the power of their favourite garments.

“As a brand focused on driving clothing longevity, we aim to deliver the best laundry care to everyone, especially to communities to whom making clothes live longer really matters. With our creative and charity partners, we are so excited to share stories of two autistic girls, in their words, to make the clothing needs of autistic people seen and heard while encouraging everyone to become an ally and advocate to champion change.”

Well handled by Havas.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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