Uncommon’s ‘Ratboot’ stomps into New York Fashion Week

Uncommon only opened in New York a few months ago, but already the Havas agency is walking into New York Fashion Week with a new high-concept boot that is more of a stunt than a launch. Uncommon is claiming that the boot has got more attention than Taylor Swift, with 105 million views on social in less than 48 hours.

The Ratboot is a pair of black leather knee-high boots that house two taxidermy rats in the caged platform sole of the boot. It’s been seen on the catwalk at a show by The Blonds, and on fashion person-about-town Jenny Assaf.

Nils Leonard said: “As a creative studio, we always love to hold up a mirror to the culture we play in. Ratboot is a beautiful symbol of that mix. The dirty amid the beautiful design. The icon hidden in the refuse.”

The boots will be available to purchase via auction, with proceeds going to charity Rats Rescue, if you want to donate your money to finding homes for rehabilitated rats.

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