AI is disrupting ads: here’s what Coach and Lil Nas X are doing with it

AI is encroaching steadily into the world of advertising, and with the recent launch of ChatGPT’s new Sora text-to-video tool, it’s only going to get more prevalent.

Luxury accessories brand Coach and agency Marcel are having fun with it in a new campaign that fuses reality and technology by casting singer Lil Nas X alongside an AI co-star called Imma. The AI is entertaining although the “Find your courage” line is a bit heavy duty for a handbag ad.

Ogilvy Amsterdam also created an AI campaign featuring Dutch rapper Snelle, who delivers personalised music videos in a matter of moments.

Coach Global CMO and N.A. president Sandeep Seth says: “For us, Imma is the perfect ambassador to tell this story because she is challenging the notion of what we consider ‘real’ today. Her journey in our campaign takes us into a new world that pushes the boundaries of self-expression and inspires us along the way.”

If you haven’t seen what ChatGPT’s Sora can do, it’s worth watching this video analysis of its capabilities to see just how far AI has come. Consider the potential for advertising in terms of targeting customers with adaptive casting – and weep for all the exotic shoots that AI -generated sets will put an end to.

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