How come you don’t stink? asks VCCP US for P&G’s Native deodorant

What do you do when your husband is lost in the woods, roaming territory that’s teeming with bears? His wife is beside herself, but as he lurches back home looking like a grizzly himself, she is even more disturbed to find that he smells good.

The reason that he doesn’t stink is that P&G’s Native deodorant has worked its magic. A second ad shows a man at the end of a gruelling race, struggling to persuade a woman – who notes that he smells like he’s been to a spa – that he actually ran the whole way.

Vineet Kumar, CEO at Native, said: “The ‘Unbelievably Good’ campaign brings to life the long-lasting crave-able deodorant scents our customers have come to know and love in a memorable way.”

Joel Kaplan, ECD at VCCP US, said: “Native is so effective that some people have trouble believing their 72-hour odour protection claim. When we conceived the idea to show that it wasn’t the wearer who was in doubt, but those surrounding the wearer, the whole ‘unbelievable’ idea started feeling fresh and hilarious.”

The line is “Unbelievably effective” and the ads should be pretty effective too.

MAA creative scale: 7

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