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Building your own influencer is the new business opportunity – Aitana shows the way

While we’re waiting for AI to destroy the world (well some people think it might) it’s oddly reassuring to see an enterprising agency making some money from it (probably quite a lot) in the meantime.

Spanish agency Clueless has shown itself anything but by inventing model/influencer Aitana Lopez who’s already followed by 200,000 on Instagram. Among the brands she’s plugged is Victoria’s Secret (a clue about Aitana’s appearance.)

Brands are paying about $1000 a post, so far a drop in the ocean in what’s what’s called the “content creator economy,” worth a dizzying $21bn. Aitana certainly looks the part and, what’s more, says the agency, she does what she’s told.

Clueless co-founder Diana Núñez says: “We were taken aback by the skyrocketing rates influencers charge nowadays. That got us thinking, ‘What if we just create our own influencer? The rest is history. We unintentionally created a monster. A beautiful one, though.”

Could be the start of a whole new industry.

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