Bublé’s bells jingle in Asda Christmas campaign by Havas London

Asda might not be an obvious match for Michael Bublé, but – appearing here in his first TV ad – the Canadian singer dials up the charm to George Clooney levels, and the rest takes care of itself.

Essentially it’s all just one big product demo, with Bublé testing out the merchandise in his new role as chief quality officer. Director Taika Waititi (who won an Oscar for Jojo Rabbit and has Christmas credentials with Amazon and Coca-Cola) makes the most of Bublé’s talents and skilfully brings out the humour in the script.

David Hills, chief customer officer at Asda said: “With Bublé’s undeniable ability to spread seasonal smiles and our commitment to quality, at great value, we’re a match made in heaven, proving Asda is a one-stop-shop for families seeking magic this Christmas.

Checking out social media responses to all the Christmas ads so far, it’s a wonder that brands don’t just settle for safe, sentimental muck every year. Or, like Aldi, stick with Kevin the Carrot because he polls well with the public. Waitrose is being trolled for failing to indulge children, and Marks & Spencer for disrespecting Christmas (and that’s before the accusations of Palestinian flag burning).

Online haters would be hard-pressed to find anything to criticise about Asda’s ad, but they probably will – even if it’s just to say they don’t like the charismatic, multi-platinum selling global superstar Michael Bublé.

Great casting and even better than Asda’s hit Elf ad of 2022.

MAA creative scale: 8

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