Potato love: Walkers’ new campaign from VCCP

VCCP’s message is simple: “We love potatoes, so you love Walkers.” Farmers grow them with care, then we devour them with relish in all sorts of different ways.

The consumer’s relationship with Walkers is romanticised – but in some very unromantic situations like a potato sorting barn or a bus stop.

Rachael Smith, senior marketing lead at Walkers said: “With taste the number one driver for snacking purchases, quality potatoes grown with love and care are crucial to delivering the great taste of Walkers crisps. With our latest campaign we wanted to showcase the partnership we have with our Walkers farmers to source our sustainably grown, 100% British potatoes to make Britain’s most loved crisps.”

The real reason we love Walkers is more likely to be the deliciously high salt content than the potatoes, but the campaign does a decent job of reinforcing the brand’s position as “Britain’s favourite crisp” and the soundtrack – The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood – is a winner.

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