McDonald’s brings back yuppies and Teletext to show food changes

McDonald’s is helpfully reminding us that it’s changed over the years, notably in the last 20, with ‘Keep up with the Times’ from Leo Burnett.

So we have a 90’s yuppie who’s somehow translated to the present.

Then a reminder of the wonders of Teletext, precursor of the tech explosion we currently enjoy (or not.) With similar imagery scheduled to appear al over the place. Media by OMD.

McDonald’s Hannah Pain says: “McDonald’s has evolved a lot of the years, but not everyone has kept up with those changes. Our research showed that some people were still holding onto opinions of the brand that they’d formed 30 odd years ago. ’Keep Up With The Times’ is a fun and impactful campaign that uses nostalgia to talk to the nation about our long-standing commitments to food quality, channelling cultural references from the 90s to illustrate how long McDonald’s has used quality sourced ingredients.”

Good again from Leo. Heaven knows how many commercials McD has made over the years but they’ve gone a long way to making the brand (and the enormous sales.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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