Leo Burnett debuts for Morrisons with short order blitz

Morrisons has departed Publicis.Poke (or whatever it’s called) for another part of the empire, Publicis-owned Leo Burnett – famed, among other things, for its slice-of-life work for McDonald’s.

So we have a series of 20-second vignettes (retailers obviously love 20 seconds these days) which, at least, don’t bang on about ‘Market Street’ or other such Morrisons staples.

No fresh counters though – Morrisons aren’t going to follow Tesco and Sainsbury’s by getting rid of those are they?

Using the ‘More Reasons To Shop At Morrisons’ which hails back to Sir Ken’s time, since when Morrisons has taken one mis-step after another. It’s currently lumbered with a pile of private equity debt, like Asda.

Rachel Eyre, chief customer and marketing officer says: “Alongside the launch of the new loyalty programme, we are also excited to announce our new brand campaign, “More Reasons To Shop at Morrisons.”

“Customers tell us there are so many distinctive and motivating reasons to choose Morrisons, such as helpful tips from our expert butchers and fishmongers (so they’re staying – for now anyway), our commitment to British meat and produce or fan-favourite freshly baked doughnuts, and so despite not being used for a long time, “More Reasons” still really resonates.

“We’ve brought it back in a major new campaign which has had marketing effectiveness front and centre throughout the whole planning and development process, across creative and media.”

That must be where the 20 seconds comes from – media agency Wavemaker, that is. Media agencies love them, creative agencies rather less so, obs.

Better than it was but still a way to go.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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