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BMW Films returns with action-packed trip to Cannes

BMW Films is back with The Calm, a jeopardy-packed opus designed to showcase the big new electric beemer’s self-driving ability. You can also drive it yourself, as passenger Pom Klementieff does to some effect here.

She’s headed for the Martinez in Cannes, which should cause a stir in the neighbouring Gutter Bar when the Lions starts.

Lots of stars: Uma Thurman and Nate Perry, produced by Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun Maverick), written and directed by Sam Hargrave, with music by Hans Zimmer, no less.

Don’t try this at home, as BMW firmly reminds us on its website. Looks like there’ll be a sequel.

Good fun (shame they tack on ‘This is forwardism’ at the end – who comes up with this nonsense?)

MAA creative scale: 8.

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