McCann’s Smart Plants mix horticulture with wellness

House plants became very popular during the pandemic lockdowns, particularly with millennials on social media, and lots of D2C retailers popped up to meet demand.

One of those businesses is Plant Drop, which now – thanks to McCann London – has an extra point of difference. They can help you select your plants based on which pollutants they neutralise most effectively.

Plants do more than oxygenate the atmosphere, so Smart Plants has rated 85 species for their ability to neutralise toxins from things like cleaning products, pain and hairspray.

Rob Doubal, co-CCO of McCann UK and co-president McCann London says, “A few simple lifestyle questions can serve up the plants that are best suited for your living needs, meaning you’re buying plants based on what they can do for your home environment rather than just how they look on the bookshelf.”

“Wellness” is attached to everything these days. At least it makes sense with plants – and the Pollutant Absorption System is a novel way to create a point of difference.

MAA creative scale: 6

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