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Havas moves towards centre stage at new Vivendi

Havas has become rather more important in the Vivendi world as the Bollorés restructure the business after floating off Universal Music (bringing them about about €7bn) with Vivendi now mainly comprising Havas, Canal+ and book publishing interests.

In 2022 it chalked up organic growth of 6.8%, in line with WPP and Interpublic, lagging French rival Publicis (10.1%) and Omnicom (9.4%.) Revenue increased 9.2% to €2.77bn. Vivendi’s total revenues (now without Universal) rose 5.1% to €9.6bn.

At Havas Europe and North America grew by 7.6% and 5.2%, Asia Pacific and Africa increased 5.8% and Latin America grew 13.6%. Creative is now 43% of revenue, media 32% and health 32%.

Havas bought a number of tech businesses including Expert Edge, Additive+, Search Laboratory and Inviqa.

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