Fred & Farid explores plight of homeless in this Christmas’ most moving tale

Fondation Abbé Pierre helps homeless people in France and agency Fred & Farid, with director Arnaud Desplechin, has produced the timeliest of campaigns: ‘Leave the streets – rebuild your life’ at a time when the plight of the homeless should be even more on people’s minds.

It’s five minutes but no shot is wasted.

F&F president and ECD Olivier Lefebvre says:“We wanted to stay as close to reality as possible, so we decided to tell a story without any gimmicky advertising. We reached out to Arnaud Desplechin who was immediately moved by the story. He wanted to be as close to the reality of life on the street as possible, so he went to meet with homeless people in shelters run by the Fondation to gather their testimonies. The veracity of their situations, experiences, and words was very important to all of us.”

A sharp reminder that homeless people aren’t down and outs, many have jobs. Should be required viewing for those bosses who want to import more cheap labour. And that charity ads work best with a positive message.

Just brilliant.

MAA creative scale: 9.5.

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