Burberry and Megaforce return with ‘Night Creatures’

Burberry and director collective Megaforce are out to play again, this time with ‘Night Creatures,’ a follow-up to last year’s excellent ‘Open Spaces.’

There’s a strange octopoid something or other whisking our trio of (very) fashionable young things through London’s dark streets.

Whether or not the series continues is a moot point as Burberry CCO Riccardo Tisci, the power behind it, is off back to Italy after five years in charge, with stories that Burberry wants to make more of its British heritage.

These are Brits all right and the clothes are more evident than in ‘Open Spaces.’ And Megaforce sets the directing bar high, as ever.

As good as ‘Open Spaces?’ Not quite – hard to say why as Megaforce’s particular USP is on the elusive side. Maybe the monster is a bit obvious.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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