MAA Ad of the Week: ‘Trust is Earned’ from BBC Creative

Sometimes advertising deals with important stuff – as opposed to finding a purpose for Hellmann’s mayonnaise for example – and the BBC’s commitment to trustworthy, reliable journalism is important.

Not just because the Beeb (as ever) finds itself under fire from a cack-handed government (as does Channel 4) but because people need such a reliable guide through a difficult world – one in which politicians and big business lie by default.

This new effort from BBC Creative shows how hard it is. “Be reluctant to rely on a single source” is one of the editorial guidelines, rightly. But Watergate, in its early stages anyway, relied on just such a source, the extremely non-attributable Deep Throat.

It also helps to show that all those characters milling around in the newsroom as the Ten O’Clock News opens are not just extras or playing video games (we hope so anyway.)

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