The customer service car crash – Royal Mail is even worse than Virgin Media

We’ve noted before the car crash that is British customer services, despite the wellrewarded efforts of numerous ad agencies (one assumes), all piling on the bandwagon.

For years Virgin Media has been setting new standards in crappy CX (now it’s with O2 it doesn’t seem to have improved) and British Airways and Easyjet are clearly challenging for Virgin’s tattered crown.

But what about Royal Mail? This fancily-entitled delivery service doesn’t relate to customers at all. The postmen (and women) are assiduous in doing their jobs (and pleasant with it) but the system…

When a guaranteed parcel doesn’t arrive and you try to complain about it, where do you get? Nowhere. There’s a whole load of options on Royal Mail’s website, none of which are remotely helpful. Is there any way to contact a human? Er, no.

But if you want to “like” the service (not that you will) that’s easy.

Why do we put up with this nonsense? What used to pass for management in the UK has disappeared down a rabbit hole.

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