Havas survey: customer experience (CX) is taking over the world – shame it doesn’t work

Havas CX, via its X Index, has been looking at what customers think of their experiences and, surprise surprise, it’s not very much.

How many billions have been spent on CX in recent years? Oh well, never mind.

The survey of 50,000 customers globally shows that 60% reckon it’s still pants. Only 40% thinking the brands they encounter are “centred on their needs as a customer.” Makes you wonder what they are centred on: profits and bonuses?

Havas CX gives five handy tips for companies to improve. They are:

Commit to trust (through the customer journey)

Build an experience that includes everyone

Always be of service (ie deal with stuff quickly)

Provide for the age of extra (think this means ‘go the extra mile’)

So why companies so consistently cock it up (see Waitrose story today)? After all, these days they’re surrounded by platoons of so-called CX experts – every agency in town either has a CX operation or is starting one. The latest is Krow.

Don’t their clients listen to them or do they just tell said clients what they want to hear (“You’re doing everything mostly right, just give it to us to tweak a bit.”)

But, as you can see from the Havas CX checklist, the whole issue is obfuscated by a tide of BS.

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