MAA blast from the past: ‘Firips’ from Leagas Delaney

Audio’s getting a lot of attention in adland and elsewhere at the moment but was it ever better than this?

Taken from an interview for Dave Dye’s Stuff from the Loft (now a podcast I believe) with Leagas Delaney’s Tim Delaney. back in 2015.

There are many examples of great work and stories from Delaney’s long career at the apex of the business. For Firips (or Philips as it was almost as well known) the agency teamed with Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones for a pretty long-running campaign (or so it seemed) that eclipsed anything done on radio before or since.

Here’s a TV ad from the same era.

The medium’s the message as they used to say – radio has it. Either would play well today, if you could get away with it.

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