MAA Ad of the Week: Elvie’s ‘smart tech for smart bodies’ by ever-youthful Mother

“Femtech” may be something you might think the world could do without – do we have to have tech with absolutely everything? – but it’s what Elvie does and, inevitably, its new global campaign is an in-your-face hip hop-style effort.

And where else do you go for this but a venerable agency that celebrated its 25th anniversary fairly recently, an absolute age in agency terms. Mother of course.

Could have been a pain in the uterus but, at a time when most London agencies seem to be becoming more conservative (read the other day of shot by shot “treatments” of commercials for terrified clients) Mother continually surprises with a firm grip on fashion allied to the reassuring recognition that advertising is there to sell stuff.

If we must have femtech (wonder what someone will produce for mantech?) then leave it in the capable hands of Mother.

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