MAA Ad of the Week: Gucci/North Face’s winning TikTok

There’s something pleasingly anarchic about TikTok (OK, lots of aspects that aren’t so pleasing but that’s anarchy for you) and this from High Snobiety for Gucci with The North Face shows it at its best as an ad medium.

There’s no particular evidence of a grand strqtegy (it is fashin after all), let alone “data-driven insights.”

But it’s fun (in no small measure due to trainspotter Francis Bourgeois), makes you smile and feel better about the brands in question. Isn’t that about the most that advertising can really do?

People bang on (with reason) about the various ways adland has a talent problem – I think it’s chiefly because when an agency loses an account people lose their jobs, ie money, but agencies, strangely, don’t mention that.

But another is that it isn’t so much fun anymore – you can see that in the work. So, as Graham Fink advised here a while back, don’t make ads, make TikToks.

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