MAA Ad of the Week: Levy and Sadoun for Publicis

‘Tis the season to be jolly (as jolly as current circumstances allow, anyway) and France’s top-ranking comedy duo of Maurice Levy and Arthur Sadoun are back with us, courtesy of Publicis’ New York-based creative collective Le Truc.

This time plugging their new Publicis work awayday scheme, ‘Work Your World.’ Last time, as I recall, they were in a mostly deserted Cannes.

Nicely done, wonder who at Le Truc got the short straw and drew this one?

PS Does Arthur wear white shirts and white shirts only? Usually with a dark suit and black tie. Maybe if the Cannes Lions do take place in person this year (looking a bit iffy just now) we’ll spot him on La Croisette in a Breton T-shirt.

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