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TPS Engage brings crypto-currencies to digital Out of Home

Ad platform TPS Engage says it’s the first company to introduce crypto-currencies into media buying. It will now trade programmatic digital out of Home (DOOH) with Bitcoin and eGold.

TPS says its ad platform will allow any advertiser (subject to strict moderation) to purchase programmatic digital spots at any of their 300,000 locations in 40 countries for as little as 20 cents. It says its vision is to “democratise digital media buying” by making iconic sites like Times Square in the US, Piccadilly Circus in London and Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo accessible to all brands. Uber Eats, P&G, and Heineken have been among the early adopters.

Co founder and CEO of TPS Engage Bogdan Savonea says: “Decentralizing everything sits at the core of TPS Engage so accepting crypto payments was the next logical step for us. Technology drives change to our industry and we aim to integrate Blockchain and Crypto into TPS and a deeper level in the future.”

Programmatic Out has been the next big thing for Out of Home for years now but, so far, has failed to take off in the way many proponents hoped. Crypto-currencies are both an opportunity and a challenge, for media agencies in particular. And not just, soon perhaps, in DOOH.

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