MAA Ad of the Week: 180 Amsterdam for AllRise

We all know that the planet is going to hell in a handcart, it’s more a matter of how soon and what can we do about it?

In the UK we have protesters glueing themselves to motorways, which seems to annoy more people than it recruits to their cause. Mind you, they said that about the suffragettes and they won in the end.

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is a climate change denier (at least when it’s his back yard.) His Covid-19 record isn’t great either but he seems to be a Trump-like believer that any criticism of him is fake news.

NGO AllRise is trying to indict him at the International Criminal Court for “crimes against humanity,” which it says is what crimes against nature actually are in this hard-hitting effort from 180 Amsterdam.

In a way, of course, it’s preaching to the partly or wholly converted and there’s a danger that we’ll all suffer from climate change fatigue as COP26 approaches (it’s likely bound to disappoint, as these gatherings nearly always do) and energy bills rise sharply as the world tries to move away from fossil fuels.

But 180 doesn’t pull its punches, indeed lands some telling blows. You can’t see this and not be persuaded that there is a big problem for everyone in them there rain forests.

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