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You & Mr Jones’ Nick Emery on why we need a new breed of media agencies

Crater Lake & Co is a new kid on the block among the burgeoning ranks of consultants – these days we have consultants consulting about consultants – formed by a number of media industry veterans including former Leo Burnett media director (when agencies had such things) Brian Jacobs.

Crater Lake (which sounds like a whizzy Silicon Valley financier) is named after a lake in Colorado with the clearest water – because Crater Lake & Co “makes sense of it all.” Which is quite neat.

Anyway here’s Jacobs interviewing former Mindshare CEO Nick Emery via Mediatel on Zoom (mind how you go Nick.) Emery is the founding partner of You & Mr Jones Media and here he’s talking about, inter alia, why clients no longer need agencies of record and why holding companies are chiefly concerned with selling clients what they have than what they need. Wonder where he got that idea from?

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