MAA Ad of the Week: Hopeline19 from adam&eveDDB

Life can be pretty tiring and we all suffer from compassion fatigue from time to time: there’s only so much you can take.

Covid-19 is one such issue, we all want to get back to normal but some people never can. Those who’ve been directly affected and also the NHS workers now dealing with the trauma (post traumatic stress disorder/PTSD) of it all.

Frontline19 is a body of volunteers trying to help, set up by psychotherapist Claire Goodwin-Fee. Hopeline19 is a free support service for NHS workers and others, hosted by voice and video messaging platform Twilio.

Here’s adam&eveDDB’s launch film from Darren Beresford and Richard Gayton, directed by Novemba through Academy.

Visceral means having deep inward feelings that you can’t rationalise although you sure know when you’re having them. Much over-used in certain contexts but this beautifully balanced film is visceral to the nth degree – and right from the start.

A deserved MAA Ad of the Week.

Creative scale: 9.5.

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