Edelweiss gets lost in the Alps

Heineken is taking its Edelweiss wheat beer brand – all natural ingredients etc etc – into a number of other markets, chiefly in Asia.

So Fred & Farid LA has crafted what one can only call a retro global campaign, featuring two wheat beer lovers floating through the Alps – as you do. With a name like Edelweiss you expect Julie andrews to hit the high notes at some point but, alas, no.

F&F says: “The film invites us to literally FEEL THE ALPS. No artifice, or distracting music. The whole experience was real, shot in the Alps in Europe, getting the real emotions of the actors truly connecting with nature… the air, the winds, the smells, the cold, the serenity, the fresh water, the essence of the trees.

“Despite the complexity of shooting in winter on location at an altitude of 2000m, during a global pandemic, we really wanted to depict the true experience of the Alps: a raw experience of a simple product truth: with Edelweiss you literally feel the freshness of the Alps in every sip.”

Reminds you of those old Martini campaigns.

But they weren’t that great then – and neither is this hokum.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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