Tennis plays the inclusivity game in LTA campaign from T&P

The Lawn Tennis Association and The&Partnership are attempting to reposition tennis as a game of the people ahead of the start of Wimbledon on 28th June.

This “U In?” campaign features a cast of all ages, sizes, cultures and skills. Apparently lockdown encouraged an uptick in tennis playing – it was one of the earlier sports allowed as we opened up last summer.

Richard Daish, marketing and commercial director, LTA said: “After launching our brand platform ‘Play Your Way’ last year, ‘U, IN?’ will help accelerate LTA’s efforts to open tennis up. The campaign is fully inclusive and leads with a clear invitation to people of all backgrounds and skill levels, to get out there this summer and socialise again through playing tennis their way!”

Yan Elliott, joint executive creative director, The&Partnership London said: “U IN?’ is such an energetic and diverse creative platform that we’ve used throughout every channel and touchpoint in this campaign. It’s been great fun to continue to re-write the rules of tennis again this year.”

Still a bit of a stretch to sell tennis as a game of the people, but a nice try.

MAA creative scale: 6.5

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