CSO Sinnock promoted to global role at go-go Havas

London, or at least London people, seem to be becoming a powerhouse of French-own ad group Havas. Havas Creative global CEO Chris Hirst is installed in Havas’ Kings Cross London ‘village,’ and now UK strategy head Mark Sinnock has been elevated to global CSO, charged with integrating Havas customer experience network Havas CX.

Customer experience seems to be taking over as the main driver of creative agencies as they compete with their media rivals and others like the consultants.

Sinnock (above) says: “The beauty of Havas CX is that it was born inside Havas Creative, which has given us the ability to look at the total customer experience across the spectrum from brand communications through to engagement and loyalty. We see it as a comprehensive and less siloed perspective than a standalone agency or network.”

Hirst says: “Since joining Havas six years ago, Mark has been fundamental in developing both our own strategic vision and the strategic counsel we provide our clients. Over the past year, he’s also played a key role in the creation and implementation of Havas CX – which since launch has proven one of the fastest growing parts of our business, including totemic wins such as Volkswagen Group and Aesop.”

Sinnock is a one-time marketing director of Asda, handy as Havas has just won the retailer’s UK ad account.

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