MullenLowe’s back for UK government Covid campaign – will they ever go away?

We may be doing well with Covid vaccines in the UK (although PM Boris Johnson is currently telling us it’s the lockdown that has reduced infections – what’s he on?) but the powers-that-be aren’t letting go yet.

Now they’re inviting us to test for the dreaded virus twice a week at home. One suspects the great British public are getting a bit fed up with all of this, it’s as though various assembled bossyboots just can’t let go and leave people to behave sensibly.

Agency MullenLowe, which was the third-biggest by billings in the UK last year thanks to the NHS and government Covid spending, has usually got the tone right in its pronouncements.

Which it does again here; there’s a decidedly world-weary tone and, boy, are we world-weary.

One suspects the Government will carry on with various such messages all year, whether there’s Covid around or not. Handy for MullenLowe of course, not so good for the rest of us. There’s also an ad telling us how to go to the pub if we can’t count up to six (the pub can.)

MAA creative scale (the main one): 7.

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